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"I had been at the farm for about a year since new breeder nest systems were installed. In that time, I had to replace the original belts from Europe multiple times that were supplied by the European nest system manufacturer. In March 2017, we installed some 8" belts from Breeders Poultry Belts for several lines. They performed better, and we are now replacing all the original belts with those from Breeders Poultry Belts. These belts are not only less expensive to purchase, but they have better performance and save us labor costs as they require less effort to install and maintain."

Russell Cameron, Farm Manager
Red River Valley Farm/ Rose Acre and
Cal-Maine Joint Venture
Bogata, TX

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“Our customers are extremely satisfied with Breeders Poultry Belts because of their overall consistency and quality! The 8” belts we purchase can be installed, tightened after about 1 month, then continue to track well from that point forward without additional tightening or maintenance. In addition, they are consistently flexible and can recover flat from accidental fold overs and sagging nest systems. These belts have proven themselves over many years in durability, quality and low maintenance costs. They have a high value-in-use.”

Gary Matteri, Field Service Mgr. 
Springdale, AR

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“We want to thank Breeders Poultry Belts for their affordable egg belts! We first bought our farm in 2006 with 6 houses. We had over 1000 floor eggs per house per day. We have discovered through trial and error that if we replace the belts once a year and pressure wash the nests, we have been able to reduce the number of floor eggs to about 300 per house per day. We believe dirty belts and nests keep the hens from laying in the nests. With the help of Peco Foods, and the labor costs savings and increased production, replacing the belts yearly provides a high return on investment.”

Long Yang
Independent Breeder Farm
Gordo, AL


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