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Clean Belt Technology

100mm Reinforced Perforated Polypropylene Plastic Belt

100mm Reinforced Perforated Polypropylene Plastic Belt

Why perforated plastic belts? - Perforated plastic belts were introduced to the market as a way to enhance belt clean-ability and improve conditions in the barn. The holes help position the eggs and allows solid contamination to fall to the barn floor.

What are the problems with existing technology? - Existing plastic belts, especially in a narrow width, stretch indefinitely in operation and never stabilize in length. They must be replaced frequently, leading to increased maintenance costs and production interruptions.

How does this new technology help? - Using proprietary technology, the belt is internally reinforced along the length of the belt and eliminates long-term stretching. The belt stabilizes quickly and does not have to be replaced as often, reducing maintenance costs and downtime.


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How it was developed...Breeders Poultry Belts in collaboration with Roxell developed this new technology that is available exclusively from Roxell on Shenandoah nest systems.

How to purchase...for information and availability contact Jay Brinn at Roxell.

Breeders Poultry Belts is proud to have contributed to this exciting new technology that solves an important industry problem. It is just one more example why Breeders Poultry Belts is more than simply a supplier of egg belts. We engineer and manufacture all our products, control the production processes and quality, and can solve your egg belt challenges.

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